• NEW RECIPE ALERT! This Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowl with Maple-Dijon Vinaigrette is really easy to make and packed with amazing superfood flavor. It’s great as a pre- or post-workout meal 💪, and perfect for when you want an easy dinner on a busy weeknight. Get the link in the bio and check it out!
  • New recipe is on its way. But in the meantime, check out this Chickpea Niçoise Sandwich. It incorporates my super yummy Chickpea “Tuna” Salad and all the usual Niçoise ingredients—plus a few extras. If you’re looking for a light, flavorful lunchtime treat, this is your guy. Get the link in the bio and try it out!
  • Since I’m catching up after a week of travel I wanted to share this awesome recipe for Sweet Potato and Lentil Samosas one more time. It’s been a pretty popular post on both the site and Instagram, so I hope you’ll give it a try. These Samosas are full of superfood flavors and aren’t too hard to make. Get the link in the bio and check it out.
  • Taking a quick break from posting food today to share this sweetheart with you. I’ll have a new recipe up by the end of the week, but I’m a little behind because I’ve spent the past week out in California, where I participated in the Pasadena Triathlon. It was my first, but definitely not my last. As I trained for it I decided—as I will for every event I do—to raise money for an animal sanctuary as part of the experience. To me, being plant-based is primarily a lifestyle of compassion in which I can live without harming animals. I want to take that further by actively helping the animals, too, which is why I’ve become more active with sanctuaries over the past year. I’ll do whatever I can to help raise awareness and funds for them, and as I pursue more athletic activities, it seems like a great vehicle for doing just that. This time around I raised money for @FarmSanctuary, and on Friday, the day before the triathlon, I went to visit the animals at their Acton, California, location. It was magical. Seeing these animals thriving and happy is why I raise money for the cause. If more people visited these places and saw the animals thriving, they’d understand there’s no difference between the cows, chickens and their pet cats or dogs. This is all a lengthy way to say that I’m tardy with posting recipes, but one is on its way soon! 😀
  • You surely love Mexican food, right? And everyone is cuckoo over the amazing @beyondmeat burger. So in the new recipe posted on the site today I've married the two together (that upcoming Beyond Ground Beef would've been perfect here!) in a delicious Beyond Meat Tostada with Marinated Kale. It's a tasty and elevated version of the classic dish from South of the Border that's easy to make and full of wonderful plant-based flavors. Get the link in the bio and check it out!

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