• It’s that time again! Back in March I participated in the Pasadena Triathlon and in the leadup to it raised money for Farm Sanctuary. Now—for some reason—I’ve decided to run the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon in September, and as I train I’m hoping to collect $750 for @catskill_animal_sanctuary, one of my favorite places in America. Located in upstate New York, this is a haven for over 250 animals rescued from factory farming or neglect. The staff is so incredibly warm and friendly, and the care they give the animals—including some with special needs—is amazing. The sanctuary also advocates for a plant-based lifestyle through cooking courses—and the release of their first cookbook last month—as well as the New Leaf Vegan Mentoring Program, which I’m happy to be a mentor in. The link to my @crowdrise fundraiser is in my bio. If you can’t donate, that’s totally fine. But I’d love it if you at least shared the link so that, if nothing else, others can learn about the fantastic work Catskill Animal Sanctuary is doing. Hopefully they’ll get some new visitors and supporters to help further their mission of compassion.
  • With summer almost here it’s time to get outside and move. For me that usually involves running, but I also love a really good hike. @lac78 and I often visit national parks whenever we have some free time, and doing a day-long home requires some fuel. That’s where these tasty Roasted Jerk Chickpeas come in. They’re filled with protein, which helps fend off fatigue. And they also incorporate some amazing spices to put a little pep in your step when you’re climbing up a steep trail. I love this healthy snack and I think you will, too. So grab the link in the bio and give the recipe a try, and happy summer!
  • Happy #NationalDoughnutDay! If you're like me you'd prefer to celebrate these amazing confections all year long. But because today is the day to recognize them, I'm sharing this recipe from the Nut-Free Vegan archives: These Strawberry Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts are a rich and fruity treat that you'll absolutely love. They're really easy to make and are sure to please. So check out the link in the bio and give them a go. Also, I'd love to know what your favorite doughnut is! I think mine is just about any from @donutfriend in Los Angeles, but specifically something chocolatey with a creamy center. YUM!
  • It’s #NationalVeggieBurgerDay, but that doesn’t mean you need to celebrate with a traditional burger on a bun. If you want to spice things up a bit, try this super delicious Beyond Burger Dirty Rice instead! It has all the flavor of @beyondmeat’s popular flagship product with some amazing creole flair thrown in for good measure. So grab the link in the bio and mix things up!
  • It’s a little late, but I wanted to post something here for #nationalanimalrightsday. For me it’s every single day, but I like the idea of one day out of the year to raise awareness—especially around the atrocities of factory farming. Animals in America suffer through those awful conditions for their entire lives, only to be slaughtered by the millions each year. All for food we don’t need. It’s makes me hopeful to see the rise of veganism all around the world, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. So, for the sake of the animals and the planet, get involved with animal rights organizations and help stop the suffering of so many sentient beings. Places like @peta, @mercyforanimals, @veganoutreach and @votersforanimalrights are just a few to get you started. They’re all doing amazing work, as are incredible activists like @jamesaspey, @genebaur, @sfisherx, @ethically_elizabeth and others. And support animal sanctuaries, too. There are tons of these—run by really dedicated and wonderful people—because so many animals have been rescued from terrible conditions and need love and support. A few that I know and support are: @farmsanctuary, @catskill_animal_sanctuary (where I took this photo of dear, sweet Travis!), @thegentlebarn, @skylands_sanctuary and so, so many more. Every day should be a day we care about animals. Keeping them off our plates is the best way to do this, but supporting those out on the front lines trying to make the world better for these deserving creatures is also super helpful. Animals should be friends, not food.

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