• I’m really on a soup kick lately, so here’s a reminder about a really simple and delicious Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Soup that’s on the site. Readers have been loving it, probably because it only takes 20 minutes to make and tastes AMAZING. Find out for yourself by clicking the link in the bio and trying the recipe. And happy weekend!
  • Because I didn’t want to leave Ireland, I’m revisiting this Slow Cooker Irish Stew today. Filled with carrots, potatoes and @uptonsnaturals seitan, it’s hearty and flavorful—perfect for pretending you’re over in The Emerald Isle. Get the link in the bio and give it a try.
  • After an unexpected two-week hiatus, there’s a new recipe up on the site today. It’s for a delicious fall Pumpkin Butter that I think will be your new go-to spread. It’s simple to make, gluten-free and amazing. Grab the link in the bio and enjoy!
  • I’m home from my trip abroad and brought a little bit of Europe back with me. @lac78 asked me to make a (mostly) proper English breakfast today and this is what I came up with. All #vegan, of course! Also: new recipe coming to the site tomorrow after a little hiatus, so be sure to check it out.
  • So I’ve been on this trip through England and Ireland for the past two weeks. The internet connections in my flats have been spotty, which is why I haven’t had a new recipe up. There are a couple on deck though—I should’ve scheduled these before I left—for when I return this weekend.

In the meantime, I’ll say that while the plant-based options are plentiful all around me, the folks I’m traveling with aren’t necessarily on board with the diet (except my wife), so I haven’t been able to seek things out the way I would’ve liked; I’m just kind of eating whatever vegan option is available at the restaurants I end up in. It’s been a lot of chips. . .

Today, we took a boat tour to Inis Oírr, one of a string of islands off Ireland’s western coast. The population is about 300. When we got there my father-in-law said, “good luck finding some vegan options here.” So I ate a plate of chips. . . 
After a day of hiking and saying hello to some friendly cows and sheep, my wife and I stumbled upon an adorable café down a tiny road. I didn’t read the sign out front because I was just eager to get a bit of coffee before we headed back to the mainland. After going inside and noticing a stack of vegan cookbooks near one of the windows, I asked about the menu. EVERYTHING THERE WAS VEGAN. On this tiny island lived a shop where my wife and I could eat everything. It was unbelievable. Since it was the end of the day there wasn’t much left (this is a great sign!), so we got this amazing Raspberry Sponge Cake. I’d been trying to eat some cake on this whole trip and I finally got it . . . on an island of 300 people. The last place I ever would’ve imagined finding it. 
We chatted with the owners, Rebecca & Fionnán, for quite a while and now they’re our favorite people in the world.

All of this is to say that if you ever find yourself on the island of Inis Oírr, make a beeline for @blath_na_greine and buy one of everything. If the cake was any indication, the whole menu is fantastic. And so are the people. (Also: follow them on Instagram, even if you’ll never be in Ireland and see their awesome dishes!)

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