• Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us, and if you're looking for a tasty vegan recipe to take to that picnic or backyard barbecue you're attending, I have you covered. I've created a roundup of 10 great dishes posted on the site over the past year that are all sure to please. There are appetizers, sides, sandwiches—if that's what you consider a vegan hot dog—and even dessert. All of these are super easy to make and sure to please even the pickiest of guests. So grab the link in the bio and give one or two a try. I'll be hanging out at home all weekend, working on new recipes to share with you in the coming weeks. What are your plans for the long weekend?
  • I recently took a trip to New Orleans and was totally blown away by the culture. @lac30 and I went to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and had such an amazing time. We also got to explore all the beautiful and historically rich neighborhoods of the city, which included trying a lot of delicious vegan variations of classic NOLA dishes. (@seednola was THE BEST. Vegan Beignets FTW!) I was inspired to explore the area's food for the Nut-Free Vegan site, and today I'm presenting a slightly different take on traditional creole dirty rice. This one is filled with amazing spices and vegetables, and the secret ingredient that really puts it over the top is that I ditched the usual pork sausage and chicken gizzards, opting instead for everybody's favorite plant-based protein: the @beyondmeat Beyond Burger. Obviously, it's delicious! Get the link in the bio and see for yourself. Do you have a favorite creole dish? I'd love to hear what it is!
  • The weather is really starting to warm up and it seems like it might finally be here to stay. That means you'll need something to help you stay cool. Enter these delicious Piña Colada Popsicles! With only FIVE ingredients they're really easy to make and super refreshing thanks to the tropical flavors. If you want a festive way to chill this summer, grab the link in the bio and give these a try!
  • Today I'm sharing another recipe from the website's Staples and How-Tos page: Nut-free, Vegan Ranch Dressing. If you haven't visited this section yet, its mission is to provide simple ways to make common plant-based items you'd probably have throughout your refrigerator and cupboards. The recipes are often things there are a million versions of online, but these, of course, are made without nuts—something that isn't always the case in other versions. . . . This recipe for a simple Ranch dressing is incredibly easy and works as a fine base for other flavors. I, for instance, love Ranch with a little avocado blended in. That's just one of countless ways to jazz it up though. What's your favorite way to eat it? And what kinds of things can you not eat without a heaping helping of Ranch to accompany them? I use it on A TON of different things—sometimes as a dressing, but mostly as a dip for just about everything. 😳 . . . Grab the recipe in the bio and bookmark it for whenever you need to restock on everybody's favorite dressing!
  • For Throwback Thursday I thought I'd share one of the most popular recipes on the Nut-Free Vegan website. It's a Beefless Beef Stew, which incorporates @Gardein Beefless Tips to help it keep that "meaty" flavor. I think this dish has been such a big hit for the site because it's a veganized version of a comfort food that everybody knows and loves. I've received quite a few emails and comments to the effect of "I made this for my family and they didn't even miss the meat!" I love that. To me, dishes like this—and all these new plant-based options we're seeing in the fast food industry—could be a great transition tool into a vegan lifestyle. I don't have any statistics—either for this recipe or those Impossible Whoppers—that prove this is true. But I think if any of these things can get an individual, or better yet, a family to skip meat for at least one meal per week, it makes a difference. When I started this site I set out to be of service (that's kind of my mantra in life in general), to the animals, to the planet and to people. And while this Beefless Beef Stew isn't necessarily the kind of thing I want to post too regularly, I'm happy that it's been successful in reaching so many non-vegans. That makes a difference on a lot of levels. Grab the link in the bio and try it for yourself! (Note: I think Gardein's incredibly beef-like beefless tips are really at the center of what's made so many people love this!)

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