• Ever since I first worked on this recipe for the site I’ve loved it. And on cool, cloudy days like we’re having here in the northeast today, it’s the perfect comfort food. This Southwestern Pozole is spicy and full of amazing flavors. It’s also loaded with @beyondmeat “Chicken” Strips and @uptonsnaturals Chile Lime Jackfruit. So many great tastes that I think you’ll love. Grab the link in the bio and check it out.
  • I'm taking a break from posting food today to celebrate #NationalFarmAnimalsDay. This started in 2005 to raise awareness around the terrible, short lives animals headed to slaughter are forced to live, and to aid in finding homes for abused and abandoned ones that aren't even good enough to send to the slaughterhouse in the eyes of their owners. To me, this is a day to celebrate the people and organizations who are out there making a difference through awareness and action. There are way too many to name, which is encouraging, but I'll list a few accounts I think you should follow to honor the day and those animals  it is for. If you're here you probably already know most of these names. In case you don't, here goes: Starting with @Catskill_Animal_Sanctuary, which is where I took this photo of Scott, possibly my favorite pig in the whole world. The work they're doing is incredible—from rescuing animals, educating the public and even offering up vegan recipes on-site and in their upcoming cookbook. They even launched a vegan mentor program called New Leaf, which I'm proud to be a mentor in. Then, of course, there are other amazing sanctuaries like @farmsanctuary, @oddmaninn, @skylands_sanctuary, @gentlebarntn, @lancasterfarmsanctuary, @woodstocksanctuary and a million more. Then there are the activists, people like @jamesaspey, @earthlinged, @ethically_elizabeth, @moby, and groups such as @laanimalsave, @compassion_over_killing @animal_advocates_scpa. Then there are my favorites, the animal photographers who show the beauty and humanity in these animals, whether they've been saved or are on their way to slaughhter: @sfisherx and @isaleshko. .
There are so many more that I don't know about, can't remember off the top of my head or just don't have the space to name here. So if you know of any animal rights accounts, please list them in the comments so all of us can check them out and continue to learn about all the people and organizations who work tirelessly to give farm animals the respect they deserve.
  • I had a lot of fun shooting (and eating!) these Baja Cauliflower Tacos with Mango Relish from @theeddiegarza for the new issue of @vegnews. It’s always great to do work for them and try out the amazing recipes they print (and post). If you’re not subscribed, get on it!
  • NEW RECIPE: I don't bake too often because it doesn't always work out very well for me. But I decided to give it another try with these awesome Earl Grey Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Icing. 🧁 After visiting England a few months back, my wife and I have been drinking copious amounts of tea, probably as a way to pretend we're still over there. I thought it'd be fun to incorporate it into something other than just a cup for drinking, so these are the result. Moist, rich and still kind of subtle, they're some pretty darn good cupcakes—and that's coming from someone who fully admits to not baking very well. Don't take my word for it though; get the link in the bio and give them a try for yourself!
  • Earlier this week I posted a new recipe for Barbecue Tempeh Ribs. Today I'm sharing the barbecue sauce that's at the center of it. This stuff is so easy to make and unbelievably tasty. You can slather it onto just about anything and make it taste incredible. Plus, it'll last for a few weeks in the fridge, so you can keep the deliciousness going for days and days! Get the recipe link in the bio and enjoy.

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